Clarkson, May And Hammond Have Signed A Huge Deal With Amazon For A New Car Show | The LAD Bible (
Top Gear trio Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have signed a huge deal with Amazon to present a new car show.

Many already suspected that the return of the trio would be an online only affair, although very few probably thought it would go to Amazon rather than streaming heavyweights Netflix.

This is a massive move for Amazon Instant/Prime, since they took over LoveFilm the service has been going along steadily but they’ve hardly stood head and shoulders with Netflix. That could be about to change now.

The programme will air for the first time next year and be produced by former Top Gear executive Andy Wilman, the man who was credited for turning the stunt-filled motor show into the programme that so many people are familiar with.

It will however cost you £79 a year to watch it, as it will launch as part of their Prime service of subscription TV and movie content.

This deal will commit the trio to three seasons of the show that as of yet still remains untitled.