The mini scamp kit car ‘the king of kit cars’
The Mini Scamp is a "kit car" first built in 1969. Shortly after BMC Mini Moke production stopped in Longbridge.
The first Mark 1 kits which were styled similarly to the Mini Moke were produced by Robert Mandry in Reading, Berkshire.They used the mechanical parts of a Mini and body made from a steel box section frame fitted with aluminium panels. Options included a van, estate or pick-up body and four or six wheel chassis. In 1974 the company moved to Woking in Surrey.
The Mark 2 version of 1978 had a squarer body and stronger chassis, not using the mini rear subframe.
In 1987 moved again to East Grinstead, Sussex, when ownership changed to Andrew MacLean.
The Mark 3 version started production in 1989.
This was followed by a version built on either a Suzuki SJ chassis or the Daihatsu F50/F55.
I would highly recommend buying one of these! I own 2 and they are fantastic bits of kit, built like tanks, insanely fun to drive, very quick and are very easy to maintain due to their custom body work that almost gives you access to all areas of the engine back to front.
By David Whittle
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    V6FEG Do they all look the same or is there a high level of modification options?