Buying a car from USA
Buying /Importing an American Car
A few years ago, I wanted to buy my dream car. I’d had already been fortunate enough to have a 1973 Ford Mustang convertible which, considering it’s age, had an amazing power roof mechanism. I’d also had a 1994 Mustang Coupe as my daily driver but I always missed not being able to take the roof off.
I spent ages trying to find a supplier who could help me buy my dream car. I had lots of dealers try to sell me something they already had but no listened to when I asked for help in buying my perfect spec brand new. That was, until I found Wayne at Europa SVT. He listened to me and helped me to get a brand new car made to my spec. He gave me lots of invaluable advice about cost options, special features and the whole import process.
I ordered my 2006 Mustang Convertible and had lots of updates on e-mail form Wayne about exactly where my car was in the build process; then testing process; then shipping. Communication with the US dealer was passed on to me and I felt as though I always knew what was happening in the birth and early life of my new dream car.
Wayne picked the Mustang up from the sea container in Southampton with a trailer and took it to his shop /workshop in Buxton where his mechanic modified the lights etc. and put it through the SVA tests. When I picked it up it, all paperwork was done and it was ready for me to drive. With just 6 miles on the clock it was everything I could have wished for. Wayne had dealt with all the import costs including shipping and import taxes. He kept me informed all the time and I really benefited from his extensive knowledge and USA contacts. He’s so calm and organised.
The car is still a head turner. Every time I drive it, I hear people commenting on how beautiful it is. It was less than £30k all in and yet it gets the attention of a Ferrari, Porsche or Lamborghini worth 3 times the price.
I’d definitely recommend contacting Wayne if you want a car, advice about getting a car, parts, supplies etc.