The 250k Custom Peterbuilt Built For Show 'Never Done a Days Work In its life' by David Whittle
Whilst browsing the 'big yanks' or American big rigs as there formally known as at truckfest commercial vehicle show at Malvern 3 county show ground I came across this show stopper. The truck in question is a 1995 Peterbuilt 379 , it produces 500bhp from its 16 litre 6 cylinder turbo charged CATERPILLAR engine along with a 13 speed fuller gearbox with a twin plate clutch and it cruises at 55mph = 1400rpm. The sad thing about this particular truck is that it has never done a day’s work in its lifetime this means that the vehicle lacks character. The most likely reason why it has never even pulled a load commercially is that the laws in the UK compared to the laws in the USA on how long you can drive for and how you record and prove that you have kept within your driving time, in the UK we record it using a tachograph and this come standard in every European truck. A tachograph measures your driving time and speed electronically, American trucks with these fitted are often more expensive than ones without them. American trucks have still what Europe had a couple of decades ago where you enter your driving times into a booklet which is then kept too prove you have been driving within your legal limits, this system however is easy to either lie on or just to not fill it in, therefore this is not a legal procedure in the UK and trucks without a tachograph fitted are not legal for commercial work in the UK. You may look at the title of this article that's a lot of money for what is essential just a lorry that you can’t use to actually do what lorry's are built to do , move things from place to place ,however the standard price for a European truck is anywhere between £85,000 to £375,000 depending on brand and purpose the truck will serve so this is actually quite a mid-range price for a truck these days but what do you think is this a waste of money on something that cannot fill any purpose? Let us know in the comments!
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    (deleted) I think this is a beautiful piece of art, and no different to any other custom vehicle - but much bigger! Isn't it similar to monster trucks that never go off-road, over powered hot hatches that can never (legally) exceed 70 mph?